Coaching pack


Half day price (3h30)

100 €

5 day price (35h)

824 €

+10, 72€ FFVoile Licence

The “Coaching pack” is a customized offer adapted to the expectations of yachtsmen, whether already initiated, “aficionados” or simple ocean dreamers.

The objective of this offer is to allow yachtsmen to benefit from personalized training and wise advice, enabling them to regain confidence and widen their navigational perimeter.Too many are sailors who do not dare to go out to sea anymore. Some feel that they did not have the skills to manoeuvre; others say they do not have the minimum knowledge to navigate independently and safely. The consequence: a large percentage of boats remain at berth all year.

Coaching pack: Access the best of your navigation skills.
The principle of this offer is simple: coaches, recognised by FFVoile, come directly on the boat of the owner or on a hired boat to give their advice that goes from the rudiments of boating navigation to their expertise of the wide open sea , according to five major area points: manoeuvring, piloting, safety, life on board and maintenance. This offer allows owners, tenants, future purchasers of boats or simply people wishing to discover the pleasures of boating, to acquire the minimum knowledge allowing them to gain autonomy at sea.

Dedicated teaching tools
At the end of each intervention, the sailors are given technical notes relating to the topics discussed with the coach. These “reminders” accompany them at each of their outings to sea.
Also issued as part of the “FFVoile Coaching pack» offer, an official booklet that aims to provide a follow-up that is useful for progressing and assessing the sailor’s level. The “Coaching pack” is a customized offer adapted to the sailors expectations, whether already initiated, « afficionados » or simple ocean dreamers.