Getting started pack

Accompanying- Improvement

The “GETTING STARTED” pack is based on a first outing at sea so that a skills assessment can be made. 3 hours of sailing to allow us to understand the needs of the yachtman and then suggest a programme corresponding to their level but also to their availabilitylement à sa disponibilité.

•Equipment and docking
•Set up and lowering sails
•Adjusting sails at main pace
•Basic manoeuvring
•Secure manoeuvring

At the end of this navigation, a skills assessment will be made with the instructor to guide the yachtsman to his next navigations. The “getting started pack” is a personalised accompaniment with a qualified and certified instructor.

“Getting started pack” (3h): 73 € – created by the Cap d’Agde Nautical Centre (2 persons maximum)
+10, 72€ FFVoile Licence