Instructor helper

To become an instructor helper, is the first step towards a « CQP-AMV » (Sailing instructor assistant professional qualification certificate)

To become an instructor helper you need:

  • To have acquired at least the level 3 FFVoile
  • To be at least 14 years old
  • To have a valid license

Instructor helper, what’s that?

  • It is to be present during the preparation and the storage of the material.
  • To attend coaching sessions & become familiar with the trade by observing and participating.
  • It is starting to handle safety boats (only if you have a French sailing license “côtier” up to 11.112 km)
  • To negotiate financial aid to pass their “CQP-AMV” if they are involved in a sailing club.

Tip: Pass your sea licence as soon as you are 16 years old! When you are instructor helper, do not hesitate to ask the instructor that you are with, to leave the boat in your hands so that you can practice the manoeuvres.

It is important to know:

  • To go from the beach and back.
  • To Respect the speed limit on the channel that leads to the beach.
  • To be able to approach another boat (by sail boat or motorboat).
  • To be able to approach a capsized boat.
  • To be able to a tow a boat or a windsurfing board