Sailing monitor assistant training course

Next summer I will be a sailing monitor!
You are passionate about sailing and nature. You want to work next summer and gain some money….
You want to work with a team of professionals and volunteers involved in sailing development.
You would like to make your passion a profession, teach sailing or accompany young sailors.
We offer you the possibility to train you so that you can have your sailing monitor assistant diploma.
– A training course from 16 years old.
– Possibility of being Assistant Instructor with level 4 (French Sailing School).
– A salary (from 18 years) in all the French Sailing Schools, clubs and other structures.
– Work periods: School and university holidays, weekends and Wednesdays.
– Collective or private classes with children and adults under the responsibility of a qualified technical manager.
– Etre licencié à la FFVoile (de l’année en cours).

What do I need to get into training?
– To be licensed to the FFVoile (of the current year).
– A certificate of capacity to swim 100 metres.
– A certificate of first aid training.
– A certificate to manoeuvre motor ships (Boat License).
– A certificate of level 5 (EFV technical level).

How do I get my technical level validated?
– By practicing in your club through the EFV (Passport) certification booklet.
– By results obtained in competitions.
– By scores through sessions organized by a club or a Sailing League.

What training will I receive?
– Practice by learning to prevent risks and intervene effectively in the event of an incident.
– Animate sessions allowing your students to experience navigation (Sensation, Performance and Exploration).
– Make learning easier by interpreting their activity and guiding them in an appropriate way.