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The school TOPKITE offers 5 ways to practice kitesurf safely:

Discovering :
This formula, up to 6 people, introduces you to the piloting of a wing on the beach and discovering the first sensations of this new sport.
The programme: 2 hours of practice in pairs with takeoff, piloting the kitesurf’s wings and first slides on the sand!

Courses :
These high quality sessions last 3 hours, this time is quite sufficient because kitesurf is rich in new sensations at the beginning.
The sessions are for 3 to 4 persons maximum. This number makes it possible to have an individualised instruction and guarantee a rapid progression.
These courses open you directly to the doors of kitesurfing being assisted by a qualified instructor of State!
Some of the course is on the beach and in the shallow water for assembly and initial handling of the equipment.
Then we use a boat to allow you to progress quickly and away from obstacles. This technique also makes it possible to go down and up to the wind without tiring you by walking.
Our goal is above all to pass on our passion for this great sport and to make you progress during your course.
For non-beginners wishing to evolve in a style of navigation, advanced courses are offered: long distance, downwind, freestyle, waves, strapless…

Individual private lessons:
The lessons last 2 hours.
Rental equipment including instructor:
You can rent this year’s equipment that’s in perfect condition. During this 3 hour lesson, the monitor will keep an eye on you and can intervene in case of problems.
We will ask you for a deposit as well as identification.
Reservation is necessary and depends on places available.

Accompanied navigation:
You can come with your personal equipment (to be approved by the monitor). You will follow the drift of the school boat and benefit from 3 hours of session in total safety. This practice allows you to progress and gain self-confidence.
Reservation is necessary and depends on places available.