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Terms & Conditions
How to choose your course?

If you are thinking of doing a course at Cap d’Agde Nautical Centre, take the necessary time to choose it well. This is the first condition to ensure your maximum progress and enjoyment. If you have already done a course, follow the advice of your instructor or ask for advice at the reception.
Start by determining what you want to do: Optimist, catamaran, windsurfing, sailing, each activity has its specialities.
Once the course and the periods have been choosen, you can register!
Our courses are for anyone: children, teenagers, adults, women or men, aged at least 5 years for “Voile Moussaillon” training courses and no upper age limit.

You must meet three conditions:
sans-titreBe in good physical condition and complete the registration form: under the heading “I certify …”. In case of handicap or specific medical follow-up, contact us by telephone at 0033 467.01.46.46 before registering to ensure that we can offer you a suitable activity.

sans-titreAccept the safety rules defined by the regulation of the Cap d’Agde Nautical Centre SODEAL.

sans-titreKnow how to swim.

The « Passeport Voile » / FFV teachning degree
The FFVoile license or the « passeport voile » is an obligation for all pupils.If you already have a FFV teaching license or a sailing passport, please mention this when registering. We remind you that the license or the passport is annual (from 01 January to 31 December).

With the annual license or sailing passport, you have the option to subscribe additional insurance cover associated with the FFV license or the Sailing passport. In case you wish to subscribe to one of the supplementary guarantee formulas, you can contact the MDS Group at – 1 rue de Vienne – 75008 PARIS or ask the Nautical Centre for an information leaflet for the insurance contract for supplementary guarantees.

How to suscribe?
sans-titreBy Internet
Online registration with secure payment by credit card.

sans-titreBy Téléphone
By returning the registration form (which you can download from the website) and by contacting us on 0033 467.01.46.46 to carry out a payment with your credit card.

sans-titreAt the Nautical Centre
By going to the Cap d’Agde SODEAL Nautical Centre, at the following address:
Cap d’Agde Nautical Centre – Richelieu East Beach – Avenue du Passeur Challiès – 34300 LE CAP D’AGDE
GPS information: Latitude : 43°16’25’ N Longitude : 3°30’18 »E

How much to pay for registration?
sans-titreA deposit of 30% of the total course price.

sans-titreThe balance is due at the latest 1 week before the start of the activity. In the absence of confirmation after this date, the Nautical Centre reserves the right to cancel your place.

Payment methods
sans-titreBy credit or debit card (by telephone or by internet).
sans-titreBank transfer specifying the name and surmane of the pupil and dates of course*.

Bank name: SBCICAGDE 2
Bank Code : 10057
Counter Code : 19120
Account n°: 00021434101 Clé : 39
IBAN : FR76 1005 7191 2000 0214 3410 139

* Attach a photocopy of the transfer notice to your application for registration to be considered. The amounts credited to the Cap-d’Agde Nautical Centre must be net of bank charges.

The Family + reductions
familleplus-logoFor large families, a reduction is applied (only for the current year):
• 5% off the 2nd course
• 10% off the 3rd course
• 15% off the 4th course
These reductions are applied to one or more direct relatives (spouse, children, brothers, sisters).

After registration
Upon receipt of your registration request, we will acknowledge receipt by returning a reservation confirmation with the name, date of the activity, your payment and the balance to be paid (if applicable).

If these documents are not received within two weeks, please contact us at 0033 467.01.46.46.

Photos and Videos
The pictures on this website are not contractual.

Unless written notice to say otherwise by participants (and parents for minor children), photos or videos can be taken during the courses and can be used within the communication framework of the Cap d’Agde Nautical Centre (brochure, website, Posters, newsletters …) or in the press, without any compensation being claimed at the Cap d’Agde Nautical Centre.

We remind you that in case of a cancellation the participant accepts:
sans-titreIn case of cancellation within less than 15 days before the beginning of the course, the deposit of 30% will be kept.
sans-titreThe balance of the course must be paid one week before the beginning of the course. If cancellation less than one week before the beginning of the course the total amount will be kept.
sans-titreAny course started is due whatever the number of sessions done.

Cancellation that can be Refunded:
Subject to proof from competent authorities (medical, administrative, employers) provided that the date of the events preventing the probationary period was not known at the time of registration, when the cancellation will be justified by:

  1. A serious illness, a serious bodily injury or the death of yourself, your spouse or common-law partner, your ascendants or descendants, brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law.
    The term “serious illness” means deterioration in the health status of a notoriously competent medical authority, which prohibits leaving the room and implies the cessation of any professional or other activity.
    By serious accident is meant an unintentional bodily injury on the part of the victim, resulting from the sudden action of an external cause and prohibiting it from moving on his own.
  2. The fact that a person, registered at the same time as you and insured by this contract, cancels for one of the reasons insured and that thus you should carry out your course alone.
  3. The pregnancy of a participant provided that such pregnancy has not been established at the time of the reservation.
  4. Convocation of a school or university examination (examination, interview, registration, vocational training) taking place during the course of the training period.
  5. Serious damage (necessarily requiring your presence on the day of departure) – not realised at the time of subscription – due to fire, theft or natural elements reaching your main or secondary residence.
  6. The fact of the employer (removal of leave, travel, training, transfer, etc.)
  7. Getting fired for economic reasons
  8. Getting a work course through the job centre or finding employment.
  9. Military or administrative obligations
  10. The refusal of visas by the French authorities.

For all cancellations, a handling fee of 30 € will be taken.

Partially refunded Cancellation:
If the participant is injured during the training period on evidence from a medical authority, the training days not carried out will be refunded or a credit corresponding to the amount.

Which outfit to wear for sailing ?
When it’s warm:
A shorty wetsuit is recommended and if you do not have one: shorts, tee-shirt will be ok, plastic sandals or trainers, hat or cap, suncream and windbreaker jacket (depending on the weather). Provide a change of clothes with shower products (towel, shower gel).

When it’s cold:
A wetsuit is recommended for light sailing, if you do not have one: a pair of sports trousers, a fleece type sweater, a pair of old trainers and windbreaker jacket (depending on the weather) will do.
For Coastal Sailboat Training courses, dress with a comfortable outfit and a windbreaker or quarter jacket. Provide a change of clothes with shower products (towel, shower gel).

For your comfort, the Nautical Centre offers separate women’s and men’s changing rooms with individual showers.
For your safety, the Nautical Centre provides you with lockers for personal belongings

How to come to the Cap d’Agde Nautical Centre

sans-titreThe« Coche d’eau » is a taxi boat, which serves various points in the port of Cap d’Agde.
Information: 0033.467.26.38.81

sans-titreByCap’Bus – Contact : 0033 467.01.22.24

Contact and Hours

Centre Nautique du Cap d’Agde
Plage Richelieu Est
Av. du Passeur de Challiès
34300 Le Cap d’Agde
Tél. : +33 4 67 01 46 46
Fax : +33 4 67 01 38 40

Out of season:Open from Monday to Friday 9am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 6pm and Saturday 2pm to 6pm
July and August: Open everday from 9am to 7pm non-stop