The boat park

The boat parking spaces are located within the Nautical Centre; they are numbered, with access to a water departure point and water connection. The sanitary facilities of the Nautical Centre are at your disposal during the opening hours.

These spaces are intended for non-motorized boats and the loan or transfer of these reserved spaces is strictly prohibited.

The permitted dimensions are ≤ 6m x 2.45m for dinghies and – ≤ 5.50m x 3.15m for catamarans.

There is no security surveillance; therefore SODEAL are not responsible in the event of theft or deterioration of the boat or its accessories.

As the Nautical Centre is a French Sailing School recognized by the French Sailing Federation, this obliges anyone benefiting from the services of the Nautical Centre and especially the boat park, for over 3 months must be licensed FFV during the current year.

Price of 2017 sailing passport licence: 10, 72 €.

Price of adult club licence: 55 €.

2017 Boat park prices

Week Month Year
Boat 57€ 99€ 315€
Catamaran 57€ 99€ 346€